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My name is Fizzah Nadeem

Each brand possesses a distinctive identity. Every brand has its own unique identity, whether it's a personality trait or image you want to portray with your brand, and I take pleasure in bringing it to reality through aesthetically pleasing spaces. A properly designed area has the ability to draw in the appropriate audience and prolong their stay due to the outstanding design.

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Our Process

At FizzaHarris Designs, our dedication to finding solutions enables us to produce engaging designs that provide customers with a profound experience that would be otherwise unachievable. Our "Think Like Owners" philosophy emphasizes understanding the needs of the owner and also their customers and employees to create functional and lucrative spaces, which distinguishes us from other design firms. Throughout the process, whether it involves managing the regulatory authorities, navigating the complicated budgeting process, or providing recommendations for the project's enhancement, we aims to prioritize our client's objectives.

Project Management

We have established relationships with a variety of General Contractors who can participate in the project tender. We are able to recognize General Contractors who will best fit your project goals allowing you to obtain the best combination of pricing, quality, and scheduling.
You have invested time and money into a thoughtful design plan, now we will act as the mediator between you and the General Contractor while entertaining solutions when changes are required.

Schematic Design, Research & Design Development

We do our research and understand the customers and employees and based on it all, the result is design that respects and reflects the core values and goals of our clients.


We Listen, very carefully

We begin with sitting down with our clients and listening to them, their needs, pain points, their dreams, their goals, budgets, timelines and anything that explains their visions and helps us understand their goals.

Contract Documents

The usual components of contract documents are drawings and specifications, which contain the technical particulars required for the construction of your design plan. In order to deliver a comprehensive design package, we collaborate with diverse project consultants such as Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers, as well as building Architects.


Create your dream space.
Tell us about your project today.

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